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What is a 'Koala bag'?

Koala bags are a functional fashion accessory bag (clutch/purse), that will "stick" to most common metals.

Koala bags have strong neodymium magnets placed discreetly on the inside of the bag. Koala bags are patent-pending and offer simplicity and function, with the concept of a "magnetic" fashion bag. Koala bags are unique and offer this special functionality, of which no other bag can do.

Why use a Koala bag?

Convenience, hygiene, and security, are the main purposes of Koala bags.

Convenience - The freedom of being able to "stick" your bag to free up hands, and save your bag from being placed on the floor. 

Hygiene: Best represented on a metal bathroom stall door, if the hook is either broken, or non-existent. Anywhere you can attach the bag, off the floor (i.e. metal pole under the table or chair legs).

Security - Under a table at a bar or restaurant, you can securely attach your bag. Bags being placed on the floor, or hanging on the back of your chair when you dine, can present a higher risk of your bag being stolen.

Common Questions...

1. What if the surface isn't metal?

 If the surface is not metal, the Koala bag will not stick to it. 

2. Will it damage my credit cards, hotel card keys, my smart phone, and etc?

Koala's magnet is primarily "magnetized" on the outside (very little magnetic force on on the inside of the bag). Proper use of the bag, and placing items inside the bag, will not damage your phone or credit cards. General care and consideration should be made when placing your bag on top of items that might (or could) be disrupted by a magnetic field. 

3. Will the bag "fly off" and attach to metal surfaces as I walk by them?

No. The Koala bag needs to be approximately one-forth (1/4) of an inch to attach to a metal surface

4. Will it set off "alarms" when going through TSA at the airport?


5. Can you see the magnet on the backside of the bag? 

Yes, the magnets will leave a slight impression visible on the outside of the bag. (see picture below) 

6. Will the magnet "loose strength" and stop working. 

No. Magnets are very long lasting and loose little of their magnetizing strength, even over hundreds of years. However, the bag will show general wear and tear over time and use. Proper care and handling on your bag is encouraged to be able to get as much use out of your Koala bag.