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I can not believe how much I use the koala Bag. It is fabulous. 

Jill McHenry

There is nothing else like this bag. My friends get jealous every time they see it. Super amazing bag. 

Brenda Perry

Now I do not have to worry about my bag. I just stick it under the table when I am at the club. No problems. 

Stephanie Johnson

Best bag to take out on girl's night! Love it that I don't have to put it on the nasty floor!

Samara Weaver

No hook - no problem!

Metal bathroom stall with a broken hook

On the chair, off the floor

Keep you bag clean and close by

Small table, no hook, keep your bag secure

Security and convenience. Keep your bag close by, and out of site.

...anywhere metal

Find where you can put your Koala bag for an extra hand