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G'day from Koala - We own, design and make #original #magneticfashion

Hi ! You've just begun your journey with Koala ! 

Koala Bags is a patent pending design from Rocky Mountain USA - and it's about FASHION - FUN and FUNCTIONALITY.

I am your International Brand Ambassador, Mia Muze - The Versatile Vocalist. I'm currently a Finalist in Miss National Australia 2018, though really am an established Self Produced Recording Artist from the Gold Coast of Australia. I first linked to Colorado in 1999, over time living somewhat seasonally between both places. I am known in Colorado Springs, as is Stacy - my friend, business partner and the Designer, Inventor, Owner - Mother of her bag named "Koala".

My Independent music is now exclusively available at prices only for Koala. Turns out there is a perfect bag for every music release, so that can be found on my official website - Though please stay here for now. 

Pick up 1 of everything!
We just arrived in Australia - are working toward Koala Crisis and intend to take the world by STORM (Classic song by Mia Muze) It's all working out - there's so much to do. So many people to connect this amazing invention to. 

Please stay tuned and show some #koalalove